Mountain Moving Co

I started Mountaing Moving Co (MMC) in 2023 to help organisations develop better strategies in response to a more complex world. I’m developing AI-enabled techniques to apply futures thinking and strategic foresight to help overcome these problems.

With MMC I’m currently working on:

  • Continuing to build my understanding of the different ways organisations are developing their strategies.
  • Developing AI-enabled consulting tools to help organisations use foresight and futures thinking more effectively.
  • Developing a range of practical tools to enable executives and senior managers to use futures thinking in their day-to-day work.

Fractional CIO

I’m also working as a fractional CIO for not-for-profit organisations in the aged care and disability services sector. In this role I’m helping to:

  • Develop business-focused strategies that help organisations better position themselves to a continuous improvement rather than transformation programs
  • Meet and exceed cyber security and privacy requirements, including development of relevant policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Advise on technology implementation programs, including the development of business cases, governance, assurance and risk management